Flemingdon Food Bank

Our Mission:

100% of Your donation goes to the foodbank.

FLEMINGDON FOOD BANK distributes fresh and shelf-stable food every day to our 1000 Families (5000) individuals every single month.

We would like to invite everyone to come visit us at any time to see how the Foodbank works.


We believe that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege. No one should go hungry.

Is to keep feeding over 1000 families we have in our Foodbank area and to find them jobs and help them Grow and Find there place in our community.


Fcfoodbank welcomes more than 100
volunteers a year.

Can you imagine living on just over $800 a month? After paying rent and utilities, on average, a person who comes to a food bank is left with about $7 a day to pay for food and other expenses. When the choice is to pay rent or buy groceries, many households simply go hungry.


“As a Immigrant and a father , I understand the critical role FCFoodbanks plays in Flemo. As a local business owner, I want to give back to our community and i invite all my freinds and family to help us as well.”

– Michelle and Sharame Sherzady, President, Watchfinder Canada.

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